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Looking for a break from the busy pace of life?


Enjoy the beauty & peacefulness of nature?

Want to experience a fishing trip you can talk about forever?

Serenity Bay on Tobin Lake is the place for your next family Holiday!


We have 60 plus acres of natural habitat, beaver ponds surrounded by rolling hills and mature trees, right on Tobin Lakes south shore. The lake that produced the world record walleye in 2005 The one destination on Tobin Lake where you can enjoy 3 miles of quiet hiking trails. Watch the baldhead eagle flying overhead, sneak up on a pond and spot a beaver about his business,  watch a coyote wondering through, go to sleep at the call of a loon or watch our pet moose wonder by the boat launch. Something to do for the whole family!


We look forward to meeting you !



Fishing in Tobin Lake worth it without a doubt..! The lake where the World Record Walleye was caught in 2005 (ice fishing).  


 Cabins or campsites, we offer an incredible experience for all the family! 


 Serenity Bay offers about 5 kms of Hiking/ATV Trails throughout the 60 acre resort which makes for an awesome opportunity to enjoy nature. 


 Have you been dreaming about a peaceful property by the lake in a recreational paradise? We have a great opportunity for you!